Welcome to the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law

The Faculty of Business, Economics, and Law is home to the School of Law in Erlangen and the School of Business and Economics in Nuremberg. It contributes to FAU’s research profile through its research and centers which are a part of the Major Research Area ‘Cohesion – Transformation – Innovation in Law and Economics’ which also involves the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Theology.

Since it was founded in 1743, the School of Law has made a significant contribution to Erlangen’s reputation as a key location for legal knowledge and teaching. It maintains close contact with many legal bodies, professionals, and companies in the region which is beneficial for its students and enriches its teaching. The School believes in a practical focus, teaching core skills and professional development, all of which are strengthened by the Institute of Notary Law and Legal Practice and an active alumni network. All members of the School are also able to benefit from its global academic network.

The School of Business and Economics is one of the most well-known in Germany and is very strong in research. More than 6000 students from many different countries are currently studying in 21 innovative degree programs, obtaining excellent theoretical and practical skills preparing them for careers in business, public organizations, and research. Top research and teaching of international renown, international orientation, a strong practical focus, outstanding networks with the business world and consistent quality assurance all contribute to the success of the School of Business and Economics.