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FAU is a leading university in many research fields at both a national and international level. The Research Focus Areas at the five faculties highlight the wide range of disciplines which are covered in research and teaching at FAU. Just like FAU’s interfaculty Key Research Priorities, each of the Research Focus Areas at the faculties is also supported by several professors, the research has a high level of national and international visibility, and research and teaching are closely linked.

Combining expertise in business administration, economics, and social sciences, the School of Business, Economics and Society has seven key research areas as for example Digitalization of the Economy, Energy Markets and Energy Systems Analysis or Change in the World of Work, that focus on important current issues, draw on the expertise of researchers from a wide range of fields, and have excellent networks of connections with other leading research institutions and regional partners from industry.

Research at the School of Law covers all aspects of public law, civil law, criminal law, European law, international law, and commercial law. The School also has specialist institutes for areas such as technology law, banking and capital markets law, church law, Turkish law, and law on research and higher education.

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